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UNS acquired Egypt Air GSA in 2006 and has had control over Egypt Air Cargo and Passenger airlines, as well as Karnak Tourism since then. Karnak offers visa services and sightseeing tours, conferences, meetings, and religious tours to Turkey, Syria, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Lebanon, and Egypt, its most attractive package.

In the 5th century BC Herodotus wrote of Egypt that 'nowhere are there so many marvelous things, nor in the world besides Egypt, are to be seen so many things of unspeakable greatness'- and not much has changed since then. The Sphinx, the Nile, ancient Luxor, the Pyramids- Egypt's scope for tourism and traveler’s delight is glorious! It’s not just the Pharaonic monuments that have drawn travelers to this country; it’s the legacy of the Greeks, the Romans and early Christians, and the profusion of art and architecture accumulated from centuries of Islamic Dynasties.

Modern Egypt is an amalgam of these legacies and more, juxtaposed with modern influences. Mud brick villages stand beside millennia-old ruins surrounded by buildings of steel and glass. Some townsfolk dress in long flowing robes, others in Levis and Reeboks, and city traffic competes with donkey-drawn carts and wandering goats. Nowhere are these contrasts so colorfully played out as in Egypt. Egypt isn't all chaos and clutter; you can enjoy Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic monuments and the most beautiful resorts spread out on the coasts of the Mediterranean and Red Sea. Come to Egypt, you are invited!

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