UNS Technologies

UNS Technologies

UNS Technologies have pioneered web-based, real time processing through developing modern, state-of-the-art, technologically advanced systems in the logistics industry. 


Pspot Technologies is a pioneer in providing 24-hour web based environmentally conscious print solutions. Founded in June 2007, Pspot.Ca aims to provide convenient low cost printing solutions while utilizing the latest in data communications and internet technologies. Customers are granted access to Pspot's extensive network of printers through its website, where users can upload files for printing. Thereafter, the customer just needs to walk up to any of the locations- Pspots, punch in a secret Job Id and instantly, the files are printed.


UNS Technologies developed an in-house ERP system titled BENEFIT- Blue Enterprise Efficiency Information Tool, which allows faster access and processing speeds, and enables increased customer convenience and interactions, as well enable innovations to raise the standards in the industry.
We have heavily invested in developing standardized IT systems and implementing cutting edge technology infrastructures. We possess a highly equipped team of in-house technology analysts and software developers who can efficiently develop large software applications and modules to handle all logistics processes tracking, forwarding, storage and supply chain management, required by the international freight forwarding and logistics markets.