Job Opportunities
At UNS, you can find challenging opportunities in an environment that recognizes and rewards exceptional performance. We believe that the future belongs to those who are able to create it and which is why we value knowledge, commitment, creativity, integrity, passion and a 'will do' attitude. To help you capitalize on these opportunities, we have initiated various programs to attract and nurture the best talents and to make UNS a place where you will want to work and build your professional career.

Growth Opportunities
We are a learning organization and encourage development of knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable our people to perform to their full potential. We have developed a corporate-wide training program to bring learning to the work place through the use of in-house, qualified trainers and the intranet. Individual training needs are identified, training objectives are set, the appropriate module implemented and, finally, the effectiveness of the training is analyzed and evaluated through the training MIS. The objective of the training is to build competencies to respond to the dynamic business environment, and to build leadership.

Our high-performers are well rewarded. We have exciting sales incentive schemes for our sales force, and “Employee of the Year” Award for outstanding performance and resourcefulness in the day-to-day processes.

Employee Satisfaction
We have instituted an annual ESS (Employee Satisfaction Survey) program to assess employee satisfaction levels across various functions and units. Satisfaction levels with dimensions such as Immediate Leadership, Corporate Leadership, Organizational Identification, Work-Group Co-operation and Job Conditions are analyzed, and action taken to induce continuous improvement in these areas through employee involvement. We also have a Guaranteed Fair Treatment Policy to ensure that employee grievances are addressed, if unresolved, at the highest management levels of the organization.

Current Job Opportunities
Our belief is that the corner stone of any successful business starts with the people it employs. As such, UNS is committed to offering meaningful employment with a future for any individual who shows competence and professionalism as well as upholding the core value of honesty and integrity. We would like to invite you to explore an opportunity to be a part of the growing logistics industry and a platform to build your career. Dynamic and result-oriented candidates may send their CV immediately.

No Current Job Vacancy Available